The Base
The thickness and material will remain unchanged throughout the entire base and has been designed specifically for women’s and men’s dress footwear. The base is adhesive backed. The flat women’s and men’s have a wider medial posterior edge which will allow for a more complete fit in women’s dress flats and men’s business shoes. The high heeled version has been specifically designed for women’s heeled shoes and has had the medial posterior edge reduced for an easier fit.

The Forefoot Extension (Sulcus) Pad
The forefoot extension or sulcus pad on the Foot Angel has a dual effect. The major feature is to increase the soft tissue padding directly under the metatarsal heads. This is where the peak pressures are exerted on the foot when in a heeled shoe. The metatarsal heads require this extra padding because of their functionally compromised position in a heeled shoe. The extension also helps minimise the lack of forgiveness in the stiff sole unit of most heeled shoes. It should be noted that most women over 40 demonstrate various degrees of forefoot thinning or atrophy. The shape of the extension is designed to follow the ‘fall’ of the metatarsal heads, ie. 2nd metatarsal longer than the 4th metatarsal.

The secondary design aspect to the forefoot extension is geared around the well held biomechanical principle that the 1st and 5th rays (Metatarsal I and V) act independently to the central 3 rays Metatarsals II, III and IV) which function together. The extension design enhances the base which allows the 1st and 5th rays to work independently whilst promoting further support to the central rays.

The Metatarsal Dome
When the hindfoot is situated higher than the forefoot, the ‘ball’ of the foot or metatarsal joints must drop or plantar flex. This leads to increased pressure and forces through the forefoot site and ultimately discomfort and pain. The metatarsal dome decreases these forces by minimising the amount of forefoot drop or plantar flexion. The metatarsal dome goes some way to reinstating the normal transverse arch of the human foot.

Dome variations due to Heel Height
Because the position of the metatarsal heads change when placed under different heel heights it was imperative the design of Foot Angels reflect this. It has been noted through research that ladies walk differently when in a high heeled shoe. The notion of the standard heel-toe gait is diminished when wearing a higher heel. The peak forefoot pressure is much greater and further forward in a heel shoe.
The women’s’ flats and women’s heeled allows for this by locating the metatarsal dome further forward. The dome is 5mm further forward or anterior to its men’s counterpart. The size of the dome also differs between the women’s and men’s versions. Women’s’ flats and women’s heeled scale reflects the compromised space and position of the forefoot yet still offering worthwhile support and comfort.

The men’s (shoe height less than 50mm) dome dimension is 1.2mm thicker (6.5mm in total) than in women’s’ flats and women’s heels. This is because of the more natural heel-toe gait achieved in such a shoe. The dome width is 4mm wider in our men’s design. This allows for better coverage of the 3 central rays with the lower heeled shoe.


Peel protective film off pad. Place firmly in shoe/insert sticky side down underneath the balls of your feet, with the pointed end facing the heel. Ensure the podsoft logo is horizontal for proper placement.